Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Hello all!

It's been ages since I last really updated. Mostly because things have been pretty mundane around here. I'm finally setteling into my classes and actually starting to understand some of my classes with help from my good ol dictionary. Slowly Germany is really becoming my home and I'm getting so sad that I only have 4 more months (to the day!) left. The time is FLYING by.

Last weekend was Karneval (or Carnival), which was a really good time. It is basically an extended Mardi Gras. The general reason behind the celebration is that today being ash wednesday is the first day of lent. That means that Catholics have to buckle down and give up something. Carnival is the last big Hurrah before they have to start being good. Unfortunatly the awsome weather didnt hold up for Karneval and the +10 or better turned into about 0 with snow. This made my costume only possible indoors (german girl).

Besides that Stephanies friend from Canada came for a two week visit and just headed home yesterday. Admitedly it was nice to cheat and just stick with those two for a few days, but it also made me realize i ONLY have 4 more months!!!!

Oh and I was stuck babysitting the Saturday night of last weekend and I finally got around to learning how to knit =)!!! The cold weather of the last few weeks has kept me in more then it should and I'm getting lazy... I guess i'll start running again sometime soon... there are flowers out already, I think that might be a sign.

So basically all is well in Bonn.. The parents are here in 11 days and I'm getting excited about that, and then we will be in the Alps in 17 days which I am VERY excited about, I can't wait to get back on my (or a rental) board. I miss my winter sports!

My pictures wont upload today so I guess I will have another post with pictures coming soon!



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