Thursday, December 01, 2005


Last weekend I was fortunate enough to go to Belgium and stay in Brussels (the capital). It snowed the entire way (after getting out of the rhineland, cause it never snows here) so the drive took a good three hours. It was one of the worst snowstorms they have had in recent years with a whole.....10 cm of snow!!!! Imagine! haha

Well we were brave and made the treck into downtown Brussels from where we were staying on the outskirts any ways. Since it never snows here I didnt think that it would ever snow in Belgium so the only thing I brought with me were my chucks, and well they arnt the best snow wear. Belgium apperantly isn't use to getting snow either so there is no snow removal system. So recap...Chucks + Slushy side walks = really cold wet feet. So we walked to the bus stop and took it to the D.T. area. The first thing we saw (after the European Union buildings from the bus window) was a bunch of people dressed up in old colourful army suits and horses. This struck our interest so we got of the bus and mingled around with the horses and stilt people, finally realizing that it was a parade for the 65 (dont quote me on that) years of independance from the Netherlands. So we continued on our way and saw the oldest shopping mall in Europe, the famous town hall, the current kings palace, and Manneken-Pis. After words we enjoyed some Belgium wafels and chocolate and went to some famous lace stores, all in all it was real good day! So we get back on the bus and around the same time as we are regaining feeling in our feet we look up and there are some of the prettiest fireworks I have ever seen. At about the same time the bus gets caught in a traffic jam so we got to watch the fire works from one of the best locations ever and it was warm =).

Eventually we got home and had a great traditional german meal and then hung out with the daughters of the couple we were staying with. They were 10 and 12 and have already lived in the U.S.A., Germany and obviously Belgium, and they had the coolest personalities ever, so it was an interesting night.

Sunday, after a breakfast that included cavier and a heated discussion between the 4 adult germans about which landmark was most important for us to see Waterloo or the Atomium, Stephanie and I headed with our ever trusty personal tourguide Thomas to Waterloo. (The battle field where napolean was defeated giving us the modern european borders). So we did the speed tour of that climbing a huge monument hill built so that people can overlook the entire field, caught our breath took some pictures and then headed down again. We picked up the rest of the crowd (Nikolas and Marion) and headed to the Atomium and then home in freezing rain with american christmas songs blaring.


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jeff-well it sounds like you are having a lot of fun,and learning and seeing some amazing parts of history....drop me a line sometime haven't talted to ya in a long time...hope all is to ya soon MISS YA XOXO

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