Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"On a day that never ends"

Title compliments of Oasis- Idlers Dream (good song!)

Life has become a nice routine lately. Directly after break some action was taken and we are now in the 12th classe. It's nice to be with people my age now. The grades arn't so cut and dry as they are in Canada. There are 18 year olds in my classes and it isn't abnormal where in Canada by this time of the year almost all of the students would be 17. I train for (field) hockey once a week and it's going really well. It has been moved into the gym now and since many of the girls havn't played Hall hockey before I'm not so obviously the worst any more. We start games soon and I think that I will be on the 2nd team, which is the less competitive team. Basically if we win we win type of attitude. Any ways that will give me something productive to do on weekends once the games start. I have also been looking at another language camp to start, which should have been done weeeeeekkkkss ago, but i'm a little lazy with that and I know that its going to suck up the rest of my money so i've been procrastinating, but if everything goes good then I'll be starting a class next week. Hopefully it will be a twice a week tutoring class type of situation and not as intense as the last class that was 4 hours a day.

On the note of some more fun things! A few weekends ago we had our first ROTEX weekend. This is a weekend that is organized by previous exchange students with rotary for all of the current imbounds to get together. We went to a town near Cologne and slept in a gym. It ended up being a really good time. We went to a Chocolate museum and a few of us climbed the Cologne Dom. Same trip to Cologne we took a girl who just turned 16 out for her first beer... Awwwww! That was a weekend of very little sleep as there were about 50 of us total in a gym, with those really hard gym mats to sleep on. Besides that the Latino's decided that they would play there music really loud and dance until 3 am.... and then get up at 7am and do it alll over again, woopi! But i must say that their dancing was very entertaining so it wasn't all bad. Actually the weekend ended up being great. I met a few Aussies and an American who live in my city so there are a few more connections that way. During the week most of people that I meet at school are busy doing school, but school ends at 2 ish so thats what the other exchangers are for!

Last weekend I had a big fancy dinner with Rotary. I got to get all dressed up... and wear my Man Blazer full of pins. (It went really well with my outfit). The dinner was a traditional St Martins Day goose dinner. It was really delicious (at least I thought so), and fancy. There were a billion speeches given between courses, one wich was a speech ABOUT geese.. I understood the word Vegetarian, Dog... umm... meat.... yeah... America...hrmm.. I think thats about it.. but its a tradition to have a speaker speak about a goose in relation to his profesion, this year it was a profesor who spoke. There was also a speaker who was french but delivered his speech in german.. his german was really bad... provided me with a chuckle for the evening.. even though my german is worse.

Speaking of German, it's comming but slowly. My vocabulary SUCKS, but my hold on the grammar part is getting better. Counting comes to me in german now and not english, same as greetings and simple sentences, but as for expressing myself I still have a long ways to go. I don't even realize the amount that certain parts of my thoughts are in german until I speak to someone who speaks only english and actually have to say all english words. That is encouraging though my german once again is horrible. I guess I've platoed (spl??) and am planting in steel in my mind the german that I already know.

That is pretty much my life at the moment so far, in the future I have a trip to Brussels planned with Stephanie's host familly. There actually have been some of those crazy car attacks in Brussels which is making the certainty of the trip a little shaky (maybe??) but every one is convinced that the kids will get bored by then and give up the trouble... Fingers crossed any ways!
That's all for now, I will get around to loading my recent pictures onto the computer some time soon and then I will post again

But Ciao for now!


Blogger frauline_schteffy_auf_Deutschland said...

OF COURSE THATS A GOOD SONG! i downloaded it onto your computer...what a genius i am eh? tisk tisk tisk...oki now that i got that out of the way, do you wanna go to a random language school this week to scope out a class...i think we are out of luck for this month cuz well...yes yes we are...aber 'nexte' monate, oder January? yah? nein?.... doch?

11:30 p.m.  
Blogger Sarah said...

januar... hrmm das ist ein biBen sp├Ąt..aber December, ich denke das ist gut. Ich denke auch die schule von alex ist am einfachsten. (easiest?).
And I stil want that pic from your site! =)

3:37 p.m.  
Blogger Aussie said...

Hey Sarah,
It's aussie,
Heehee, holy shit, how awesome is exchange eh?
I remember one of the nights just before you left, you were real worried about EVERYTHING. but haha, we are soooo hooked up.
You wanted my email... well i email from christian_dorgelo@yahoo.com and i MSN from slimsy_was@hotmail.com so whatever.
Hope you're chillin, i only have 6 weeks left and it seems like a week since you left me. HOLY SHIT, do EVERYTHING you can, i mean it.
Peace and Love.

12:04 a.m.  
Blogger Sarah said...

Oh Aussie!! I just found your comment and i Have no idea how long its been on here. But YES IT IS AWSOME! Enjoy your last few weeks and drink LOTS of tims!!!!! Wow, I can't believe your almost done.. I guess I should really make the most of my time eh?

10:09 p.m.  

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