Sunday, November 13, 2005


From top left --Stephanie being herself(Vancouver), Alex (middle of nowhere, New York), Me, Juan (Illinois)

"What is carnival?" you may ask.. well since I'm lazy I'll get the Wikipedia encyclopedia explain it for me!

A carnival parade is a public celebration, combining some elements of a circus and public street party, generally during the Carnival Season. Carnival is mostly a tradition of long-time Roman Catholic and, to a lesser extent, Christian Orthodox areas of the world. Most Protestant and non-Christian areas do not celebrate it.
The Carnival Season is a holiday period during the two weeks before the traditional Christian fast of Lent. The origin of the name "Carnival" is unclear as there are several theories. The most commonly known theory states that the name comes from the Italian carne- or carnovale, from Latin carnem (meat) + levare (lighten or raise), literally "to remove the meat" or "stop eating meat". It has also been claimed that it comes from the Latin words caro (meat) and vale (farewell), hence "Farewell to meat". (Or, of course, farewell to the flesh, letting go of the eartly bodily you) Yet another theory states that it originates from the Latin carrus navalis, which was some kind of Greek cart carrying a statue of a god in a religious procession at the annual festivities in honour of the god Apollo. Most commonly the season began on Septuagesima, the third from the last Sunday before Ash Wednesday, but in some places it started as early as Twelfth Night, continuing until Lent. This period of celebration and partying had its origin in the need to use up all remaining meat and animal products such as eggs and butter before the fasting season.

Germany, especially the western part (North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate) is famous for Karneval celebrations such as parades and costume balls. Whilst these events are widespread in all big and smaller places of that area, only Cologne, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Mainz, Bonn are supposed to be carnival "strongholds". In the South of Germany carnival is called Fasching and especially Munich developed a special kind of it.
German Carnival parades are held on the weekend before and especially on Rosenmontag (Rose Monday), the day before Shrove Tuesday, but the carnival season, the so called "fifth season", officially begins on November 11th (11/11) at 11:11 a.m. and finishes on Ash Wednesday.
In the Rhineland as the most typical Carnival region, festivities developed especially strongly, since it was a way to express subversive anti-Prussian and anti-French thoughts in times of occupation, through parody and mockery. Modern carnival there began in 1823 with the founding of a Carnival Club in Cologne. Today all Carnival Clubs are assembled in the German Carnival Association.
The "Swabian-Alemannic" carnival only begins on January 6 (Epiphany/Three Kings Day). This celebration is known as Fastnacht (literally "Fasting Eve" as it originally only referred to the eve of the fasting season). Variants are Fasnet, Fasnacht or Fasent. Fastnacht is held in Baden-Württemberg, parts of Bavaria, and Alsace. Switzerland and Vorarlberg, in Austria, also hold this celebration. The festival starts on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, known in these regions as Schmutziger Donnerstag or Fettdonnerstag. In standard German, schmutzig means "dirty", but actually the name is from the local dialect where schmutzig means "fat"; "Greasy Thursday". Elsewhere the day is called "Women's Carnival" (Weiberfastnacht), being the day when tradition says that women take control. (aka girls get to go around cutting of guys ties!)


Blogger Laura said...

it looks like you're having a blast!!!!

I don't think my family would have gone to that church hardly ever, although when I was a part of the Hillsborough Girls Choir we may have sang there a few times. But that was ages ago.

9:16 p.m.  
Anonymous Jillian =) said...

So it might just be me.. or it might just be the picture.. but that guy in orange is HOT haha..
Sarah my dear i miss you so.. and when i read your blogs i miss you more. i'm glad you're having a BLAST tho, it makes up for me missing you.

10:02 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's your girl!!
You should paint your face yellow more often! :) J/K you look like a wierd zoro!
It's our Birth day's soon!! not really tho but I'm pumped!!!...
Well you rule-
peace out ..

Fr. your hommie!

3:42 a.m.  
Blogger Sarah said...

tnks hommie, but JUST IN CASE i dont catch the hint.. next time leave your name babe!!


12:19 a.m.  

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