Friday, October 07, 2005


So just a quick post before I head "up north" for the weekend. I have kind of been neglecting this site lately ..Sorry! This is my Fall break ;which occurs because of re-unification day, germany's national holiday; so I havn't exactly been home a whole lot. (It is called Re-unification day because it signifies the day that the berlin wall came down (15 years ago as of October 3rd)). Any ways The Netherlands was great. Did some shopping and ate some "nationally famous" french fries. I'm really getting use to the mayo with fries here.. but the unfortunate part of it is that you have to pay for Mayo (or Ketchup, if its offered). Definetly not good.... Besides that, this week Stephanie and I went to Koln for the day and Thomas (Stephanies current host dad) gave us a tour of the radio station that he runs. That was pretty neet, we got to see how the shows are made and all that jazz, then we had some Korean/Chinese food which was 100x better then anything I've had at home. (maybe it's just that german food is generally so bad??). soooo thats been my week.....As far as I know this time next week i'll be in Berlin =)! .... if all goes well.....
Well Happy Thanksgiving every one!


Anonymous Ben Schmidt said...

Hey Sarah,
glad to hear that you had fun with my dad. Your right, the Buffet Chang food is pretty good! Believe me, I miss it alot!!!
German food is not bad! Does Stephanie have a blog?

Cya, Ben Schmidt (the guy who went to America with Rotary!)

8:38 a.m.  
Blogger Sarah said...

Hey ... you are right german food isn't bad, i'm getting use to it... some of it is though, but alot of it is GREAT!

Are you doing good playing football and all?? I hope so!, any ways I had a great trip to berlin with your parents!

1:45 p.m.  

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