Saturday, September 17, 2005

The taps are open!

The last two weeks since I updated havn't been overly exciting though they have been very busy. Mostly I've just been going to the Gymnasium in the morning and then going to Language school in the afternoon. After that I either have field hockey or I go into town with friends. If neither of those occur I normally just go home and go to sleep/work on German.
This past weekend I took another trip to Cologne with three Americans and spent the night at one of their houses. It was one of the most gorgeous houses I have ever seen. It was over 100 Years old and brightly decorated, with art every where. (Most of the house's seem to be stuck with white walls, so the colour was nice). The next morning another girl and I decided to take the train home so that we didnt have to wake up as early. Any how I don't know exactly what we did wrong but it took the exact same amount of time to get home as before, and we had to change trains about 4 times??? I guess i'll have to try again next time, practice makes perfect right? That weekend the Putzen Markt was going on (a big Bavarian "market" aka fair, it's supose to be the biggest after the Oktoberfest Market in Munich.) so of course I checked it out... 3 times. The first time was on Saturday night and it was packed. The busses to get the market were Sauna's and you have very little to no personal space. They dont have capacity limits on the busses so people just kept piling in, and it was disgusting. Stephanie and I went again to the market on Sunday because as it was so packed on the first night it was impossible to see or do anything. It was raining on Sunday so it was much less crowded and we could even sit on the bus =). That day/night we realized that there were fireworks on Tuesday night (the last night for the fair) so of course we had to go again to see them! Luckly it still wasn't as busy as Saturday so the bus ride was much less painful.
That Sunday morning I had a rotary meeting FINALLY. There are about 75 exchangers in our district, which was way more then I expected. There was only one other Canadian girl there that I hadn't met, there are 4 of us in total (I'm the only one with a blue blazer ??). There are about 20 American's and 15 Mexicans, but besides that there are mostly groups of 4 or 5 from each country. We all had to go up front of the group which included all of those 75 students and all of there host parents and all of the councellors and various other people and introduce ourselfs, say were we were from ect ect in german, which was unexpected and intimidating. For once I was glad that Canada is spelt with a K here as they went in Alphabetical order of country, I got to see how bad the other kids german was before I had to butcher it. That was basically the entire meeting. Some rebounds spoke to us and the meeting was in English, Spanish and German so it was about 3 times as long as it "had" to be but it was just nice to get in contact with Rotary.
Last night Marrion had a Traditional Bavarian meal for Stephanie, Juan and I and invited all of our councellors, and their children. It was cute, they gave us all Bavarian hats and the hearts that every one wears at Bavarian markts/Oktoberfest. I officially don't like Bavarian food even though I tried it alllll. ( It's basically mushy meat and things with cabbage, vinegar, bacon, and onions). It was a nice party though. My heart said "Klein Wexe"...which means little wich ... that my host familly bought for me. The tradition behind the hearts is that at the markets there are stands that sell Gingerbread hearts on a ribon, and in Icing they say something on them .. normally "I love you" or w/e a normal Valentines card would say on it. A boy will buy one for a girl and she has to wear it around her neck all day. Now adays girls buy them for boys and parents for their children ect ect. But i ate mine... heheh. It was all in all a very good night, we all got invited to a Rotary lunch meeting and we got our allowances all straightened out. There were some akward moments when we forgot our german manners, and some quick trips to the kitchen to ask Thomas (the host) some questions on etiquette, but we didn't mess up to bad. For the rest of the weekend my plans include I think the mundaneness is going to continue on a little longer.
OH! and my one month mark was on Monday/ Tuesday so I'm officially no longer a tourist!

Some of the few pictures taken this week.........

Ain't I cute? This is me last night with my Bavarian hat and a little shot glass with the Bavarian crest.

Marrion and Stephanie w/ their beer mugs and Bavarian get-ups!

The beautiful Rhineaue.

A really big and good ..."doughball" w/ cherries?? I really don't know exactly what it was.. but it was good.

MMM...Pickles. I took this picture for you Brad... there were 4 barrels of them, and tons of these stands.

Sunday's Rotary meeting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Sarah, sounds and looks like you are having a wonderful time!!!!! All the new goodies to try out, and pickles (just for Brad)

8:02 p.m.  
Blogger jeff dixon said...

Hey KIDDO...well sounds like you are having fun..nice pic of the Rhineaue. wish we had something like that around here...well have fun...miss ya

10:09 p.m.  
Blogger davidflynn8196 said...

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