Sunday, September 04, 2005

Kolner Dom

This week has been pretty intense. School in the am, then German in the afternoon. In 5 days we've learned about 20 verbs, how to count (to any number), days of the week, how to introduce ourselves, how to decipher if a noun is feminine, masculine, or neutral. How to pronounce Ich correctly, how to pronounce Ch's in allll different situations and regions of germany, how to pronouce S's Z's and O umlaut, A umlaut, U umlaut ect ect ect. I've pretty much accepted that my name is now Zara, but at least I'm not Stephanie who is now Shhtephy hahah. And add to that we've learned every word you would ever need to no, yet I still can't speak german unless I'm sayin Woher ist... or Wo wohnt du? orrrrr Danke ich es gut, und du? So that cant really get you any were. (Where is...., Were do you live, Thanks I'm pretty good and you?) I can say "I speak a little german".... incorrectly...When I say it, it means "I speak Cookie german" ... try it "Ich spreche ein biBchen Deutsch" (B=ss) (ch=throaty hissing sound). The class is actually pretty good besides the 20 min every Hour of ppl trying to make the CH sounds. In my class there are 9 exchangers with rotary (3 USA, 3 Canada, 2 Mexico, 1 Japan), so within the first hour of the first class we figured that out. Besides us there is an older Chinese guy (whose having a reaalllllyy hard time, but he laughs at himself so its ok), a middle age women from Poland, a thai lady, a lady from Cuba, and a guy whose my age from Nazareth. We pretty much incorporated the Nazareth guy into the exchanger gang cause he's in the same situation...except alot more independantly. Any ways this has given me a few more people to go out with, right now only being at school for 2 classes (1 day 5) a day it's pretty hard to meet people to go out with, as germans a pretty closed any ways, though I have met a few. Also all the people in my classes besides Taps (from Zimbabwe) are alot younger (14-17), so meeting school people i'll wait on. It's not uncommon for there to be people in grade 13 going on 20 so I'm definetly not one of the oldest at school, but if they put me in grade 13 i'd be "distracting" soooooo.....

Yesterday Stephanie and I decided to go to Cologne shopping. Her host mom asked us if we knew where we were going, obviously we didn't and we told her that... her advice was "just take the train and you'll be fine". Simple enough. So we took the train that goes around Bonn to the Haufbahnhof (roughly Central station). We got of there and looked quickly at the schedual and saw that we were already at the correct platform,so we got on the right train and headed to Koln. About half way there we realized it had already been 20 min and we were only in Bruhel. Our host parents had said it was a 20 min train ride, but we just brushed it of because we were headed in the right direction. We arrive in Koln about 40 min after leaving Bonn, and find our way out of the station no problem. As were walking up the stairs of the train station we look over and BAM there's the biggest church i've EVER EVERRRRR seen. (any one that went on the quebec trip, think about that huge cathedral we saw and then times it by at least 20). So we go out side and just kind of stand in the middle of the square by the station/cathedral and look at it, then OBVIOUSLY we started taking pictures, though none of them turned out because it was about 12 and the sun made all the pictures look like a black hugeness. We did get a few good ones, up close.. but you cant really get any idea of how big it was unless you see the whole thing, so I pirated this picture off the internet. Check out the site that I borrowed it from if history floats your boat. Ok, If you look closely you can see little arches near the ground. (Not the big center one, the small ones beside those) these were the only parts that I could really get a picture of . So if you look at the very bottom that's Stephanie. Now if you try really hard you MIGHT be able to comprehend how HUGE this Cathedral is. All of the little black blobs that you see lining the arches are statues. After walking around taking pictures of this awsome place for about an hour we did the whole shopping thing, no airconditioning, about 30 degrees and SOOO MANY people. BUT we did find a good doner/falafel place =). So most of our time was spent eating/at the dom. It took us an HOUR to get back to Bonn when it was spose to take us 20 min. We just figured that we took the slow route. Finally we get of the HOT train and onto a better bus and get home. Here we find out that we took the "tram" all the way to Koln and NOT the train at all, argh... lesson learned. The only difference is where in the station you catch it and its wayyy faster.

Here are a few other pictures from the week

Stephanie, me, and Juan touching history (right)

The history we're touching (left) A wall the Romans built in bonn (right by a sweet Doner place to!)

A really bad picture of Hb, Juan and Stephanie in the middle of the night waiting for a VERY late bus.

N.Y. girl (Nadine) and some german guy she picked up.??? It was a realllyyyy nice place on the Rhein and you could see the post bank building (which is lit up at night and changes colour oooooo!)

Juan and Stephanie (same place)

You know your in germany when.... (this was John's last day at school before heading to NS)

My host brother.. ...And I... We really are cool I promise...ok he's 10, i dont have an excuse.


Blogger Laura said...

Wow, one of my favorite parts of being in England were the Cathedrals. They really are a sight, eh? I love reading about your expiditions. I hope you're having an absolute blast!

5:49 p.m.  
Blogger Tiffany said...

It sounds like you are having a great time! I can't even imagine how big that cathedral is! PS - you look super hot in the blonde wig!

3:55 p.m.  

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