Saturday, August 27, 2005

To Creepy??

Well there's not to much new on my front. Had a good week at school. School is so different here. It reminds me of the schools you see on the world vision success story commercials where there are no desks but all mismatched tables and they're all reciting something in unision, but you dont understand what they are saying, and there's nothing on the walls. I guess those are the only similarities though, no uniforms or anything. The class rooms are pretty blah and rundown by our standards. As are the bathrooms...Aka only half the toilettes have toilette seats. The teacher student relationship is also very different. You can't correct the teacher, but you can be quite rude towards them. The lesson's are very similar to ours but they have pretty different school supplies. It is a linear system here as appose to semesters so i have the same courses all year. The scheduals are pretty cool. Its possible on one day to go to school from 9 30 - 12 15... but it is also possible to go to school from 7 30 - 4 with your breaks being 5 min between classes, with 2 of those actually being 15 min breaks and one being 20 min. Next week I start Language training in the afternoons so I will only be at school until 12 15 every day, then language school until 4-430 ish. Wont be bad considering I understand so little at school at the moment that no expects anything of me. There's an exchange student in some of my classes who has been here since January and according to him he only got marked in english last year. So since I'm in the same situation as him I'm not expecting much different.

There are 4 rotary exchangers in my school and in my class (3 after January), We are all in class 11 even though we are all spose to be in 12 or higher. They are affraid that we will "distract" the students in higher grades and thats probably true, so I dont really mind. Juan, Stephanie and I (all the newbie exchangers) went for a walk last night and came upon a graveyard. It was so pretty that me and steph took about 1/2 hour and just took pictures, sounds a little creepy I no, but it was a reallllyyy old graveyard, so it was more historic then sentimental.. if that makes sense, any who these are a few of the pics that turned out (it was kinda dark).

To all you photography ppl, you mighta noticed that in my nighttime pics there is almost always a flash spot on any reflective surfaces, is there any way to get rid of that, that doesn't involve a tripod and shutter speed altering??

Dont he look Irish? He's gonna be in Quebec city for a year, and another guy in my class in gonna be in Hants county (NS) for the year.. small world....


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